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20% off furniture and decor

Designer furniture can be expensive! Bhodz Project has got you covered! This service is for someone that doesn’t need an Interior designer but wants to save $$$ on furniture. How much is this service you ask ? the answer is $0 that's right, you are reading this correctly. How how do we make a profit from this ? Well we work with particular wholesalers where we get discounted prices. You will receive 20% off RRP and we keep the remaining discount.

Simply follow the steps below.  


Select from below suppliers 
Furnishings and decor 
Furnishings and decor 
Furnishings and decor 
Rugs and furniture 
Art and decor
Furnishings and decor 


Email us the links and details of the products along with your delivery address and contact details. Make sure you double check your measurements to make sure it fits! 


We will then send you an invoice with the discounted pricing and delivery costs. 


Once we have received payment we will then place your orders. We will forward on any updates on ETA'S and delivery information on the order. 


Your products will be delivered once ready and enjoy!!

How it works 



1. Understanding the service 
This is not an Interior design service and no advice will be given for any selections. If you wish to have assistance in your selections you will need to register for one of our interior design services. Note* Discounts vary per service.

2. Client responsibility’s 
Please read the selected suppliers T's & C's carefully as Bhodz Project is not responsible for change of mind.

The Client is responsible for opening the package upon arrival to check for damaged or faulty parts. Most suppliers have a particular amount of time from receiving the product to claim for damaged and faulty goods. 

3. Damaged and faulty goods
In the circumstance where a product has been delivered da
maged or faulty, you will be entitled to a refund or change of mind depending on the suppliers T's & C's. If this occurs please send us an email with photos and a description and we will sort it out for you at no charge. 

4. Product quality 
We strive ourselves in using reliable suppliers that have unbelievable quality products, However in the unlikely event that there is an issue with the product, the clients accepts that this is no correlation with Bhodz Project. 

5. ETA's
While we will be able to provide you with ETA's, it is out of our control if the product ETA changes. If there has been a delay with a product and you don't want to wait, you will be given the opportunity to select another product or cancel the order for a full refund. 
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