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Need a bathroom refresh ?

The Bathroom is sometimes underestimated and usually one of the last places to think of when renovating. We believe that this needs to change! The Bathroom is a space that we use every day and many times. We use it to get ready for the day and to wine down at night. It's a space to feel clean and fresh! 

So why not make it a beautiful space! Dont worry! Bhodz Project Interior design on the God Coast is here to help. 

We have put together the ultimate package to give you have the bathroom you deserve. 



> 2X revisions 

> Concept board 

> Mood boards 

> Drawing plans 

> 3D visuals of the space, so you know what the design will look like 

> Budget calculator 

> A list of all the selected products down to the toilet! 

> Organise and liaise trades. We have all the trades so you don't have to worry! 


Close up 1 Interior design gold coast Bhodz Project.jpg
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